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Complete an Application:

Go to the Pierce College home page and apply

Complete the Online Orientation

Learn valuable information on degree and transfer requirements, and how to choose your classes.


Sign up for your Math and English Placement test

Click the link and sign up for a test date. If you are an out of state student, you can ask your high school or local college to administer the test to you. Sign up for the Assessment test online at the Assessment Center Websitne


Attend a New Student Counseling Group

Appointments can be scheduled online using the link below. They will assist you in picking your classes and developing an Educational Plan. You must bring your assessment results to your New Student Group.


Contact Mr. Roberson (Ath. Counselor)

Mr. Roberson is our Athletic Counselor. He has put our athletes on custom academic plans and will teach you how to fill out your IGETC. We have had players transfer to UCSB, CSUN, UCI, Lewis, CLU, Pepperdine, USC, NY, Arizona, CAL, UCLA and many more.

Set Up an Appointment:


Sign up for your classes

Follow the IGETC form when applying for classes. You will need 12 units to become a full time student and start your eligibility. If you are taking an English or math class that is below Eng 101 or Math 125, please contact me. It may take 3 years for you to get out of Pierce. If that is the case it would be smart to take 11 units and register as a part time student your first semester.


Sign up for Summer School Volleyball Class

Section Number:

Kin 2501 A. Perez

Volleyball Friday 6-7 pm Serve & Pass (Brahmas Only)

7-10 pm Open Play Main Gym


Team meeting Main Gym at Pierce College

Our first team meeting will be the first Monday of the Fall Semester. Please come to class
with the following items:
1. High School Transcripts
2. SAT and ACT scores
3. Print out a copy of your Fall Class list.
4. Print a copy of College Transcripts (if you attended another college other then Pierce.)
5. First week of school, you are required to wear a Polo shirt with nice pants or shorts to all classes. First impressions are important in representing yourself and our program at class.
- No Hats, or Tank Tops in your class.




This package is designed to get you enrolled at pierce. Completing On line Orientation, Assessment and an Educational Plan are required to recieve priority registration. 


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