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1974 Marv Dunphy- Gold Medal Coach (1986 & 2008 Olympics) 

             Head Coach (Pepperdine)
-1979 Dave Rubio- Women’s Head Coach (Arizona)
-1982 Bert Fuller- Head Coach (Utah State)

-1987 Randy Sapoznik-United States Youth Volleybal League Founder
-1988 Bob Samuelson- Bronze Medal (1992 Olympics)
-1994 Turhan Douglas- Pierce & NCAA Champion (CSULB)
-1995 Jason Ring- Top 10 on the AVP
-1995 Kevin Barrnet- 4 x USA Olympic Team Member
-1995 Ryle Salmon- Gold Medal (2008 Olympics)
-2000 Beau Daniels- All- American Setter (Pepperdine)
            Coach-Pepperdine Assistant & AVP Coach
            2013 CCCAA Hall of Fame
-2000 Lance Walker- Head Coach (Pierce College)
           2000 CCCAA State Championship & MVP (Pierce, Player)
           2003 Bronze Medal USA National Team (WUG)
            2013 CCCAA Hall of Fame
            2013, 2017 CCCAA WSC Coach Of The Year.

            2018 CCCAA State Champonship (Pierce, Coach)

-2000 Eddie Stanislawski-Pierce 2000 State All League Honors

             2013 Diplomate American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians
-2002 John Mayor
                  Pierce 01 ' 02' & NCAA National Champion 2005 (Pepperdine)
                  5 x  AVP Beach Winner.

                  2015 Coach of The Year -State Championship

                  LMU Head Coach Sand Volleyball

-2004 David Hunt-Pepperdine  Coach

              Womens USA National Team Assistant

At Pierce we strive for a high standard of both academic and athletic excellence, and with a belief system that anything can happen with hard work and dedication. The past Brahmas have paved the way for the new generation of young men who have dreams of one day being great…



                                                                                           "KEN STANLEY"


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